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The ‘Education For All’ project is aimed at empowering the poor through providing quality English education and eradicating poverty.

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The students have a growing desire to learn, but the teachers seem ill equipped to meet the need.

While urban India has moved on in terms of education and the rich are benefiting from it our rural children are being taught in a manner that is about 60 – 70 years behind. Statistics by ASER (Annual Status of Education Report) a reputed NGO shows a very dismal report of basic skills of reading and number work in the Government & Private schools in rural India. Only about 50% of those in Std 8 can read simple sentences of Std 2 level and do simple addition and division. There is a desire to learn by the students, but the teachers seem ill equipped to meet the need. As a result, the poor have little interest in higher education (beyond Std 8) and continue to stay poor and oppressed.

Factors that deny quality education in rural India: 

+ Extreme poverty in the villages

+ Lack of quality educational Institutions in the rural areas 

+ Rural teachers are ill equipped to give quality education

+ The state textbooks at primary level focus less on the listening and speaking skills and do not build familiarity with the English languages

+ Children do not get opportunity to listen to or speak in English in the class. They are not able to narrate experiences, exchange ideas and carry out even brief conversations in English




let’s change the stories of our children

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A radical paradigm shift is needed to change the education system.

We believe quality education will give children more employable skills. Further, English education will make them even more qualified for jobs. Education will also help children to be self-confident and gain wisdom to take decisions in life. Perhaps the greatest gift that we can offer to the next generation especially to the poor is education particularly English education.

We have started an ‘Education For All (EFA)’ project aimed at empowering the poor through English education.

Think differently. Feel compassionately. Act responsibly.

let’s together provide quality education opportunities for rural india

EFA Top Priorities

We are currently focussing on two main areas, Teacher training and Curriculum development.

equipping teachers

through conducting workshops and working alongside
them to improve their teaching methods
and their spoken English skills.

developing curriculum

using the latest research and innovative methods to make learning a joyful experience, where students are internally motivated and have a love for learning.

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If I had the power to influence Indian journals, I would have had the following headlines printed in bold letters on the front page: Milk for the infants, food for the adults and Education for All.”

- Lala Lajpat Rai

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