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Rural North India

Teacher’s Training Report

Since June 2018, we have worked with 213 teachers (impacting 5400 children) in various areas in the north of India – Ludhiana, Kacchwa, Mirzapur, Dehradun and West Bengal. For most (if not all!) of the teachers, this is all very new. They have never taught their students using visual aids, games and other interactive and creative activities.

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Poonam teaches in a non-formal school in a slum, that is attended by 85 students. She has been a teacher for 5 years and she played a key role in starting this school that had fewer than 20 students to begin with. One of the many amazing things about Poonam is that every time we ask about a particular student in her class, she knows their background and story off the top of her head. She has built and sustained relationships with most of the parents in the community. Poonam has been attending our teacher training for almost a year and we have seen her confidence grow with each training session. She has done an excellent job of implementing the new curriculum. 

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75-year-old Mr. Jagardev from Godhna village is one of the toppers of our class and a great inspiration. He is always an active member of the class – singing and jumping with the younger teachers! He is runs a small tuition centre in a carpet weaving factory.

Teacher Profile

Lalita Devi

Lalati Devi is a teacher from Simari village and is a very hardworking person. She has a great love for learning new things and teaches all she knows to children. She toils during the day in her field and in the evening hours she runs a tuition centre under a tree.

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