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changing the education system in rural india

Our Story

Living in cities in India, we have seen so much development. Those involved in education have developed new and better ways to learn. We have produced global stars. India is shining!!

But hang on a minute. Move over to rural North India. The scene is completely different. It feels like the back of beyond- decades behind. What hope is there for the millions in the villages. They barely have basic necessities for a normal human existence. For generations they are born, live and die in poverty. Is there any hope for them?

Yes change is possible. Education can break this horrible cycle and lift them up. They too deserve the stimulation and joy of childhood. They too can dream of a better lifestyle. They too can become innovators and entrepreneurs that can transform life in the villages and poor towns.

Through Education For All we are training teachers. Presently the only method of learning is repetition. Children are eager to learn but rural teachers are ill equipped to stimulate their young minds, develop skills and infuse them with wisdom. Training teachers is a key to a better education system. 

And we are writing a contextually relevant curriculum to teach young children in a creative enjoyable way.

In the last 6 months we have been training 150 formal and non-formal teachers responsible for 3400 children and by the end of the year we will have added another 63 non formal teachers covering another 2000 children.

The task is huge. We can’t do it on our own. You can make a difference to these children and have the joy of transforming a life, a family…a generation.

Project Objectives


Create a system of education for the poor and empowering them with better education and English skills.


Equipping students to be creative thinkers and relating education to real life and to provide employment opportunities. This will in turn reduce the poverty in those rural areas and standard of living will be increased.


Increase basic proficiency in listening, writing and reading English and to build confidence in speaking.


Equipping teachers to teach with excellent teaching skills.

improve communication skills

Equipping teachers to teach English properly as a language and to improve their communication skills.

Project Strategy

  • Equipping Teachers
  • Developing a simple but excellent teachers training manual.
  • Conducting workshops for teachers in both formal and non-formal school to improve their teaching skills.
  • Conducting workshops and provide tools for helping the teachers to learn English particularly spoken English.
  • Help students to engage in their own learning and understanding
  • Helping them enjoy English learning rather than learning by rote.
  • Teaching lessons through child-friendly Active Learning methods eg: drama, songs, language games, etc. in both local language and English – which hold the interest children.
  • Engagement of parents to create awareness of Education.

Project Goals

Development of teachers training manual.

Development of English teaching manual for rural teachers.

Creating English learning Curriculum suitable for rural children for pre-primary and primary classes.

Conducting teachers training program.

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